Women| Dolce & Gabbana Floral-Print

WOMEN | Dolce & Gabbana Floral-print jacquard top


Dolce Gabbana floral top

Oscar de la Renta jacket
$1,400 – net-a-porter.com

N 21 green coat

Fendi sunglasses

Spike necklace
$430 – mawi.co.uk

Paolo Costagli 18k bracelet

Chain choker
$645 – mawi.co.uk

Yellow jewelry
$135 – mawi.co.uk

Clarins eye shadow

Christian Dior shimmer face powder
$73 – harrods.com

Guerlain makeup brush

Guerlain blush

Estée Lauder black eye makeup
$31 – johnlewis.com

Estée Lauder eyeshadow

Clarins cosmetic
$27 – selfridges.com

Guerlain eau de perfume

Guerlain iris perfume

Clinique facial mask

Body moisturizer

Dolce Gabbana summer nail polish
$28 – harrods.com

Leonor Greyl beauty product

Aquazzura summer shoes

Mia Moretti For MAC

Mia Moretti For MAC


The Best Street Style Of The Week: Fashion Week in Tokyo

This week is Tokyo’s Fashion Week.  Tokyo street style has more unique style compare to NY & London. I love their fashion scene.  You can get away any other outfits from your closet and still be dope. What really amazes me is that Japanese people took street style to whole another level. The way they express themselves through unique style is amazing and dope.


For more Tokyo’s Street Style

See more: at http://www.style.com/slideshows/slideshows/street/scenes/fashion-week-tokyo-street-style-fall-2015/slides/23

Miu Miu Fall 2015 Beauty

MiuMiu Fall 2015 Beauty


Christian Dior lip treatment

Maybelline cosmetic

NYX face powder
$14 – target.com.au

Illamasqua matte eye shadow
$23 – illamasqua.com

Natural Hair Made a Come Back in Paris & Milan Fashion Week

Photo Credit:  Alessandro Garofalo / Indigitalimages.com

Yes! That’s why I love Paris & Milan Fashion Week. They always would put African/Black models to the runways. I love to see models rocking with their natural hair to rocking the natural look. I’ve been rocking the natural look, it gives me confident to rock the bald chic along side with edgier jazz look. I’m very content with Paris & Milan runways presented the idea of natural hair with long side French & Italian fashion designers.  I would love to see NYFW bringing back natural hair models in the runways.

New York needs some catching up to do!

I salute you Paris & Milan!

Photo Credit:  Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com

The Mob Wives Reunion Recap

Photo Credit: Vh1.com

Last night I watched the The Mob Wives: Trust No One Reunion. Let me tell you,  this is the best reunion out of the all seasons of Mob Wives. I see more fights and fuckery since the first season of the show. Renee was one of my favorite person out of the show. Mind you, She maybe crazy but she has a great heart! The fight against Natalie D & Natalie G is one of the best fight ever! Nat D’s mouth is like fire crackers of shit talking! I can’t imagine having that mouth like that! I can’t even throw shades like bum bitches..I just can’t. What really shock me is Carla came to the show for the reunion. I was little confused where Carla comes into the show. I haven’t seen her since the season 2 of the show. Any who,….I can’t wait for season 6 of Mob Wives.

Predictions for Season 6 of Mob Wives

Nat D will be joining  the main cast

Alicia will returning the show.

Reneee and Angie will get along the spike of all the fuckery nonsense

Karren and Drita will not along again this time talking shit about their families

Nat G is gone and will not be returning the show

Carla might be coming back but I’m not sure even though she squash the beef Renee

Renee is in peace since her rat ass ex husband is in prion for 11 years ( he should get life in prison or death)

Watch the Part 1 of the Reunion !!!

Must Haves from Romwe!

Rowme is one of my sponsors for The Mademoiselle Antoine. I get to chance to write a blog post on my wish list from them. So, I create a wish list of what I want from Rowme. Here’s my top 5 wish list.


1) Rainforest Print Self-tied Maxi Dress

2) Lapel Zipper Pocket Blazer

( I need bright colors in my closet)

3) Ink Print Pleated Midi Skirt

4) Check Print Loose Red Blouse

5) High Waist Loose Demium Short