Took A Trip To Washington DC & Some More



Two weeks ago, I took a trip to Fredrickburg, VA & Washington DC for my vacation.  I took a break from blogging to take a vacation to Virginia and Washington DC. When I get to Washington DC from NYC the weather is very humid compare to Boston. Although Boston’s weather is very bipolar. OMG…I had to take two showers in order for me to stay cool. I did have fun with in Washington DC and spending time with my younger sister.

center president street


I took a some pictures of Downtown DC.


Ohh Hey Lincoln.


Always fun when you hang out with your best friend ( my sister Ashley)


Gotta love the Federal Building though!

It’s Gay Pride Weekend!

gay pride


Last Week in Boston,  it was Gay Pride Weekend. I’ve met two Drag Queen of Massachusetts. I also took a picture of Domaince woman control a dude who wears a horse costume. Gay Pride Weekend was the best weekend out of Boston.

gay pride 2



  Can’t miss the live performances from Boston’s LGBT Community.

gay pride 4

Met the Massachusetts’s Drag Queens

Gay Pride Weekend

Gotta to take the picture of this woman. I don’t feel bad for horse man. Look at the child in the background. The reaction is priceless.

*Diclaimer: I’m a supporter of LGBT Community with my conservative political ideology. I support the human race!


Get The Turban Look!

I'm tired look

I wore a turban scarf due to the fact that my hair is growing quickly.

Over the weekend, I’ve worked like a “there’s no tomorrow”. I’m so excited for my trip to Virginia & Washington D.C! I have so plans for this coming summer. I’m planning to go to Afro Punk Festival and Newport Jazz Festival.

If you want to learn how to wrap a head scarf, Please check out my fellow Caribbean Blogger Tamara Holder aka Baydian Girl


The Single Life of A Haitian Blogger

Cambridge Bridge

Yesterday, I took myself on date. My youngest sister Marley, My mom ,and her husband ( Step-dad) took a trip to Virginia to see Ashley ( my younger sister) for memorial day weekend. I have to work this memorial day week. While they’re on vacation, I decided to take myself to a nice restaurants in Boston and check out the social night scene. I put on my beautiful summer dress on  and step out and see what’s up on the  Boston’s social scene.

I’m currently freshly single  & ready to mingle. First, I went to Trident Book Store & Cafe for early lunch. I spend time at Trident Book Store for maintaining NORF Blog page, creating ideas for The Mademoiselle Blog, and checking out other gossip bloggers.

Trident Book Store & Cafe

Boneless Bufflo Chicken with the side of fried cheese stick.

I had the boneless Buffalo Chicken with the side of fried cheese sticks.  Trident Book Store & Cafe is my favorite book store. That’s where  all of my literature books located and plus that it’s a place to relax, hang out and read books ( if you are a book worm).

After that I went to Sonsie for Dinner. Sonsie is my favorite upscale restaurant. I went there since I was 21 years old. I always go to Sonsie for business meeting or date night.

I had very light martini and small dessert


Light pineapple lime Martini with light pudding dessert

For this coming summer, I will be spending time being single and check out the Boston’s social scene. I did not get the chance to experiences the Boston’s social scene due to my school and work schedule. Now since I have free time to meet new people and hopefully find a date for summer wine and dine.

The Shoes ( Short Film)

This short film “The Shoes” is very common in the Urban community. I’ve heard so many kids and  young adults will get killed over a pair of Jordan. Mind you, These Retros Jordan  has  been around since 1985. I remember walking inside the mall on my way to work. I saw a lot of young men including boys will line for the latest pairs of kicks. I questioned myself “why would people will line for the latest pair of kicks?”


“The Shoes” shows the example of it. It shows that people are willing to work for the sneakers but it only cost them their life. Capitalism is deadly.