The Shoes ( Short Film)

This short film “The Shoes” is very common in the Urban community. I’ve heard so many kids and  young adults will get killed over a pair of Jordan. Mind you, These Retros Jordan  has  been around since 1985. I remember walking inside the mall on my way to work. I saw a lot of young men including boys will line for the latest pairs of kicks. I questioned myself “why would people will line for the latest pair of kicks?”


“The Shoes” shows the example of it. It shows that people are willing to work for the sneakers but it only cost them their life. Capitalism is deadly.



Street Style At Faneuil Hall

Street Style at Quincy Market

Yesterday, I was working at the Quincy Market in Boston. I decided to start doing more Street Style At ( Insert Location) Series. I’m kinda lacking of showing my personal style for my blog. I want to people to look at me as serious Fashion & Entertainment Blogger. I might as well post more of my personal street style and produce more  awesome content in order me to work with well-known brands and collaborate with other bloggers as well.

*The lipstick I was wearing was A Maven’s World “Bitchy”.*


Quincy Market

The Entrance of Quincy Market

I'm still working!

Yes, I’m thick everyone!

My Shoe

My Black/White Converse.



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A Special Letter To My Future Husband

Dear Future Husband,

I don’t know where you are in the world. I just want to let you know that” I love you”. I’ve been still waiting for you. It seems to me that God wants me to wait for you. I don’t know who you are. I just hope and praying that you will treat me right. I hope that you will motivate me to be a better person than I was back when I was in my latest teens to early 20s. ( The reckless years).  I will be turning 27  by the end of this year. I want to settle down with you, build a legacy for our future generations, and create a financially and emotional stability for our future generations. I want to take your last name.  Future Husband, I hate get emotionally hurt by the man who is not willing to commit. What’s the point of being with someone who is not willing to commit to me?  It’s a waste of my time and matter of fact he never takes me anywhere from vacations to meeting important people in his life including family members . Although, I’ve met three people in his life but still it’s not enough. I questioned my self  every day  “Am I not good enough to be his potential girlfriend/wife?” . He said that he is trying to ” Change “. I don’t see any progress unless he change his ways then I might reconsider but until then fuck it. I’ll walk away. I’m getting so sick and tired being mistreated. He never admits that he was wrong for mistreating me and never truly apologize what he did in the past. I deserve better than this. I deserve to be with someone who is willing to commit to me, motivate me to a better person, and spend time with me. When the time is needed. Honestly future husband, I like to spend time alone. It’s that fine with you? I maybe the type of person to keep my material status private. I do like to show pride to people that I’m grateful to find a man who loves me and willing to take care of me. I’m crying inside hoping and praying that you will come into my life. Patience is viture. I’ve been patience for a very long time. I’m still waiting for you.

Future Husband, I always dreamed of getting marry….Do you see me as your wife? Do you see me as your partner in crime who shares the same interest as me? Do you see me as a mother of your child(ren)?  Do you shares the same conservative values like I do? The reason I asked those questions that I don’t want to marry to a wrong guy. I don’t want to live  in a miserable life. My goal in life to be happy and be successful for what I’m doing. People keeps telling that ” You’re going to be successful”. I already knew that I’m going to be successful in life but it takes time. Future Husband, I don’t know where you are in world but just let you know, I will be still waiting for you.



Your Future Wife

Mademoiselle Victoria Antoine.



P.S.- I will be fine being single for the rest of my life, If I can’t find a potential husband. At least I don’t put up with losers, white guys with “nigga mentality”, bum ass niggas, any guys who show no interest to better themselves.

Mademoiselle’s Blogger Tips Series

In the month of May, I will be writing  on Blogger tips series. For the past couple of days, People keep asking me “What made you start blogging?”, “Are you a full-time or part-time blogger?” “Do bloggers read a lot of book to become a better writer?” etc. Well…I decided to do it. In the Blogger tips series, I will be writing more motivational blog post for inspiring bloggers especially young bloggers ( I started blogger when I was a freshmen in high school).

Stay Tune!

What A Week & Then Some More

The Mademoiselle Antoine Business Cards



This week, I finally made the effort to created  my business cards for “The Mademoiselle Antoine”. My goal for this summer is to brand my self as “Blogger”. I want to make a career out of it . For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working at my side gig at the belt shop. I can’t wait for my first editorial photo shoot with Island Boi Photography and a products from A Maven’s World.


Dinner Date 2


Last Weekend, Mr. Watkins & I  is back on again. This time We are very serious about our relationship I’ve giving him a 3 months of “No Fuck Ups” which means no talking to other bitches, No sex with them or any type of fuckery nonsense. We are starting to regaining our trust from one another. After 3 months, We are planning to be very intimate and being serious about our relationship. Hopefully, Our relationship would lead to marriage and starting a family. First, we need to be financially and emotionally stable first before we’re thinking about marriage and children. As of right now, We are taking one day at time. Mr. Watkins, His roommate Matt, and our mutual friend Alex went all out to eat. We went to nice Chinese restaurant and hanged out.

So, Basically I’m in a committed relationship. No Men will holler at me anymore.

Dinner Date

My Summer Dresses Wish List

My Summer Dresses Wish List


I gathered my summer dresses wish list. Summer is around the corner. Summer dresses is a must haves for the season.  So, I decided to pick out the dresses that I want for this coming summer.


Comic book
$9.03 –

Skater dress

Closet blue dress
$78 –

Diane von furstenberg dress
$755 –

Halter top

Karen Millen red dress

Personal Field Trip: The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston

Baked Mac & Cheese at Muesum of Art

I treated myself with a baked Mac & Cheese with White Wine.

Two weeks ago, I took myself a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I went to see the some pop art and another art exhibits from different countries such as Middle East, Greece, and Africa. After I took a look at the  some of the art exhibits. I brought a tickets for the Men’s In shorts, a short films for LBGT film festivals. I really did enjoyed myself.  As a single lady, I did have fun by myself without no distraction from negative people in my life.






*Sorry for photo align.