Bevel Creator Raises $24 Mil With Celebrity Investors



Walker & Company Brands, the company that brought you Bevel razor designed to eliminate razor burns in coarser hair, has a few new very recognizable investors. TristanWalker, the brands’ creator, has managed to acquire big name celebrities to back his brand and future creations.

The company that caters to the beauty and health needs of African Americans has now raised $24 millions dollars with the help of Magic Johnson, John Legend as well as Nas and even a deal with Target to sell his shaving products.

So Walker’s taken on investment from a slew of new investors, raising $24 million in a Series B round led by Institutional Venture Partners and a handful of other firms including Andreessen Horowitz, where Walker served as entrepreneur-in-residence, Google Ventures, Felicis Ventures and individuals like Johnson, Legend, basketball players Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes and San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York. The money will go straight to research and development and hiring, Walker says.
“What investors see and we see is a company with a suite of brands that solve health and beauty needs. That could be 20 or 50,” says Walker. “We’re making health and beauty simple for all people of color.” –Source 

This is great news for the African American beauty market which is noticeably scarce compared to its counterparts. In the future Walker plans to cater more to women…who just so happen to spend way more on beauty products than men.

Sunday’s Jam: Jep Roadie – “Let’s Find Heaven”


Let's Find Heaven Artwork
“Last week, I fainted due to the high blood pressure pill I was taking. Not to mention the panic attack that I was having. At that moment, I realized how quick everything can disappear. Everything faded to black, just as fast as I could say “Dad, I am going to pass out”. Sh*t was scary. Having anxiety makes that situation even worse. Everyday since, every minute, I have been just awaiting that feeling. I have been expecting to faint, I have been terrified that I am going to. I haven’t. Since then, I recorded this song. Basically, for my own comfort. Granted, I know there are millions of people going through something way worse and I pray for them everyday.  Sometimes it is just good to know that God will see you through it. I will tell you this. Ever since that moment, I have been awakened. I have learned to become unafraid. Accepting the inevitable, if you will. I have learned who I really am, I think.  Your mind is a powerful thing. Use it the way God intended. This song is about finding the light when all you see is darkness.

-Jep Roadie

What We Learned From New York Fashion Week



Fashion week in the Big Apple is coming to a close, and soon all the big names in the industry will head to London for the next round of shows. Even though we’re only a week into fashion month, we’ve already learned what the big trends are expected to be for the upcoming season.

They’re pretty simple to sum up too. Here’s what you need to know: The ’70s are back, and the fashion is better than ever.

For starters, designers are going crazy for suede. Styles like those seen on The Fashion Tag were all over the runways in the last week. The fabric was used for everything from boots and hats to skirts and pants. And of course, there was no shortage of suede jackets. Better still, many designers brought back fringe too, creating suede and tassel-adorned pieces that would make old-school country singers green with envy.



shirt dress


Casual, button down and relaxed wrap dresses were also very popular. Wall Street Journal contributor Christina Binkley said that the new wrap dress designs were flattering and feminine, yet comfortable. They’re perfect “for women who want to run, and then curl up on the couch in their clothes.”


shirt dress1

But the biggest trend that hit the runways this season, by far, is the resurgence of flare jeans. Challenging skinny jeans, which is the denim that’s dominated the market for the last decade, flare jeans are quickly picking up steam in the fashion world. High-waisted varieties were popular in classic blue in addition to black, striped, and leather designs. Daily Mail even caught Kate Upton rocking a pair of tall white flares with a simple, sleeveless black top when she attended one of the shows earlier in the week—proving that you can wear white after Labor Day and still look amazing.



flare jeans


Lyst covered many of the different styles throughout the week, including some of the more obscure trends like skirts over pants and metallic platform sneakers in gold and silver. Even though some are a little unusual, the good news is that the majority of looks presented so far seem as though they would fit all different shapes and sizes. So don’t be scared to give them a go for yourself. Chances are you can easily sport a look right off the runway and look fabulous doing so.

The cool weather is coming fast, so get your hands on some of these retro trends while you still can!

Happy Birthday, Beyonce!!



Today is what the BeyHive would consider a national holiday. Their fearless leader, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, was born on this very day 34 years ago to Mathew and Tina Knowles.  Three decades later her excellence is one of the greatest entertainers in the world, a mother and a wife. Recognized internationally through her music and an abundance of accolades.

This weekend thousands will be able to witness the Beyonce experience in Philadelphia at theJay Z’s Anheuser–Busch sponsored  Budweiser Made In America festival that has been held since 2012 in the city of brotherly love Labor Day weekend. Beyonce during her birthday weekend will headline the tomorrow night’s concert giving fans a sure enough treat better than cake. I’m sure Beyonce will party like it’s her birthday.

Happy birthday, Beyonce!



Beyonce Is Vogue’s September Issue Covergirl


Beyonce has landed the cover of the coveted September issue of American Vogue. Appearing in a glamorous Marco Jacobs Fall 2015 Collection gown with a darker hue of sleek manicured shorter tresses courtesy celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble Beyonce’s look is effortlessly sexy.

Being the biggest entertainer in the world with a birthday in September would be enough in my opinion for Beyonce to cover Vogue magazine however the fashion bible has “global dominance” on their mind.

What do we want from the glamorous, powerful women we call divas or icons or cultural forces? We want them to want—and in our names get—everything they possibly can. Success in work and love. Sexual pleasure. Money and power. We want them to embody multiple fantasies. We want them to make us believe that exciting realities are just around the corner. 

 It used to be that the great pop stars with fashion and style gave us small variations on one grand theme. Tina Turner: minidresses and honey tresses. Janis Joplin: boas, bangles, and bell-bottoms. Cher: spangled striptease getups with mythic Third World touches. Nowadays fashion isn’t about the grand theme, it’s about juxtaposition, and it’s filled with allusions to movie and art history; to music and dance styles; to iconographies of race and ethnicity, religion and gender. Madonna opened the door to this collage approach. Today we see it in the wigs, masks, and sculpted costumes of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, the restless dazzle of Rihanna’s couture choices. And, of course, in the music, dance, decor, and looks of the ultimate streamed collage: Beyoncé. 



 While you can view the magazine on Amazon or purchase at now the official issue doesn’t drop until August 25.

Photos: Mario Testino

Emma Watson For Vogue UK Spetember 2015

 Photos: Josh Olins

What’s with Vogue magazine and the recent interest in barely there make up? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for embracing natural beauty but looking as if you just rolled out of bed to appear on the cover of what many deem the Fashion Bible is frowned upon. Right? I guess not, judging from recent cover girls like Kim Kardashian and now September Vogue UK cover girl Emma Watson.


Kim Kardashian covered the July issue of Vogue Spain where she claimed via Instagram she went totally bare face with not a lick of make up only her jaw dropping wedding ring sharing her shine



Photo: Theo Wenner

Following in Kim’s footsteps is Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame. The young actress appears onthe cover  dolled up in a Stella McCartney jacquard number with her hair effortless swept to the side. If anything Emma is serving pure innocence on the cover.

It was inside the mag that the conscious 25-year-old spoke about her role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and the causes that she is driven to support.

The 25-year-old actress launched her  HeForShe gender equality crusade at the United Nations last September with an impassioned speech that went viral on YouTube, and revealed she has found new purpose since deciding to balance her on-screen jobs with her work for HeForShe, and role as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

“Part of me relaxed after I took on that position, it gave me a sense of belonging and purpose.” Watson told Vogue of her role as a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women. “Everything clicked in to place, in a way that it hadn’t before. I understood what I’m here to do and knew where to channel all this energy that has been coming at me. I now feel this sense of peace. People say that I’m different since I did it.”


Be sure to check out Emma’s cover story and photo spread when it hits stands August 6.

Runaway Baby

Runaway Baby


River Island top
$11 –

Dorothy Perkins long skirt

Leather shoes
$76 –

Illesteva sunglasses
$385 –

Christian Dior mascara

Nars cosmetic

Pelle body cleanser

Office accessory

Took A Trip To Washington DC & Some More



Two weeks ago, I took a trip to Fredrickburg, VA & Washington DC for my vacation.  I took a break from blogging to take a vacation to Virginia and Washington DC. When I get to Washington DC from NYC the weather is very humid compare to Boston. Although Boston’s weather is very bipolar. OMG…I had to take two showers in order for me to stay cool. I did have fun with in Washington DC and spending time with my younger sister.

center president street


I took a some pictures of Downtown DC.


Ohh Hey Lincoln.


Always fun when you hang out with your best friend ( my sister Ashley)


Gotta love the Federal Building though!