Iggy Azalea Beauty Secrets

She is a 25-year-old Aussie bombshell, the Black Widow rapper, one and only Iggy Azalea. Widely known for her whimsical fashion sense, and impeccable look, Amethyst Amelia Kelly had no problem to go under a knife a few times, and improve the gorgeous appeal she already owns. The secrets to her flawless beauty are numerous, and I am more than happy to share them with you.

Make-up Routine

iggy azalea makeup

Iggy has made an eyeliner her signature make-up product. The hot princess of rap wears a red lipstick like no other celebrity. Her make-up routine includes using a foundation which is applied with a face brush. Afterwards she seals it with a compact powder. Contouring and highlighting is unavoidable, alongside blush that she applies on the top of her cheekbones. Later, the eyebrows are filled with brow pencil in a slightly lighter shade than her eyebrows are. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are essential part of her look, same as mascara, or sometimes false eyelashes, for more dramatic look. The finishing touch is achieved with the hot red matte lipstick.

The Girl with the Style

iggy azalea style

Iggy Azalea’s style is nothing if not outrageous and eccentric. Crop tops, bold prints, radiant colors, and essential bling describe her fashion choices perfectly. Whether we talk about a red carpet or a video outfit, she owns it both ways. This attractive young blondie’s style is definitely bold. She looked absolutely amazing in a white crop-top and a blue floral skirt, on 28th Kid’s Choice Awards. Prints and patterns are her favorite red carpet marks, so she also picked out a pair of mixed-print leggings and matched them with a black see-through top and sleeveless black jacket. 2015 Billboard Music Awards red carpet was the opportunity Iggy used to match a pastel-blue crop-top with a pastel-blue and nude mini skirt with swirly accents. Magenta satin pumps complemented the whole outfit.


iggy azalea hairstyles

The gorgeous Aussie is always bold with her hairstyles, and it is the part of her look that makes her stand out even more. Hot pink dip-dyed ends on her blond hair could not look that good on anyone like on Azalea. A full on crimped looked absolutely fabulous in “Pretty Girls” video. The most common hairstyle she chooses is loose straight hair and often slicked back. High ponytail looks super retro on her, and it is another hairstyle she wears a lot. The most commented and debated hairdo off all was her braided updo she had at the Grammy’s 2015. Some said it looked like a crown, a bowl and even like a bird’s nest, but actually, it was the biggest fashion statement of hers. It looked absolutely stunning.

Plastic Surgery
iggy azalea plastic surgery

Not everything on this controversial singer is natural. Furthermore, Iggy has had a several procedures, involving breast augmentation, chin implants and rhinoplasty procedure. She is one of the rare celebrities to openly say they have had plastic surgery, and we say go for it Iggy. As she stated, there is a lot pressure to look beautiful when you are in the music industry. Therefore, there is no reason anyone should deny they had some intervention, as she mentioned. However, she advises not to rush into having a surgery if a person is unsatisfied with their appearance. Everything should be well thought through. Finally, she is all for plastic surgery, especially if it will help them boost their self-esteem.


Amazing, controversial, flawless, and fabulous, this 25-year-old Aussie never ceases to amaze us. She is only at the beginning of her carrier and we have seen so much innovation from her side, it is unbelievable. With her boldness, eccentric fashion style, and unorthodox music, one thing is for sure, this blonde rapper is in for a long successful ride down the music industry business. We cannot wait to see what new fashion, make-up, and hair trends Iggy Azalea is going to introduce us to. If anyone is going to flabbergast us, it is definitely her.

Oh la la c’est chic! – The streets of Paris and all that inspiration

Europe has always been the cradle of everything that’s worthy, timeless and spectacular, setting grounds for all other things to come – from stunning architecture, culture, history, food, folklore and music to fashion – Europe with its trends is a never-ending inspiration for everyone of refined taste and style. As it turns out, almost all that happened in Europe fashion throughout last several decades is now recycled with a twist, set to dominate both the American and Europe market, with the idea of bringing back the diva-chic we all used to adore.

Breaking down Paris fashion and going back to the 1960s and 1970s, it’s evident that no other than Brigitte Bardot set the standard for top-notch style that women around the world tried to copy. Her commitment to simplicity, with buttoned-up pantsuits, perfect bikinis and floppy hats and simple dresses with shockingly short hemlines definitely made a striking difference in terms of fashion trends that were about to develop.

Image Parisian style

Unlike Elizabeth Taylor or Marlene Dietrich who preferred the low-cut tops and shorter-than-short skirts, Bardot didn’t need to dress with the pomp and circumstance. And her sex appeal was almost palpable even when she wore a simple T-shirt and jean, or a fully covered-up skirt suit. Amazing! The fashion icon owned flats as part of her personal style, turning them into a fashion must-have. And as for the hat, well – Bardot knew a great hat will dress up anything from a bathing suit to a pantsuit!

It wasn’t only the blonde bombshell who made a quest for style timeless; our favorite brunette Coco Chanel made an incredible difference to what is considered women fashion, and she is still present in every little black dress out there. She designed after her own likes, sticking to simplicity, elegance and comfort as the key elements of anything stylish.

Image Parisian Style 02

Black and white as well as nautical were colors and shades she loved, as they are simply enough with enough of a statement.  Coco’s outfits featured large and plentiful faux pearl necklaces and hats were staples of her accessorize. And, most importantly – she was always focused on style, not trends. As you know, Chanel has been credited as the ‘inventor’ of this wardrobe staple in 1926 and we love her for it! Ooh, and – just as Bardot, she loved the stitched ballet flats! Maybe we should all travel to France on one of those great France holiday packages to observe and learn how to dress and what (not) to do to achieve that flawless Parisian look… ah!

Image Parisian Style 03

Our favorite fashion icon of today – Mrs. Sarah Jessica Parker who grabbed the spotlight of trend-setting owing to her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”- evidently looks up to the above mentioned beauties. While both Parker and Bradshaw aren’t fans of a ballet flat, they are of impeccable style. We are absolutely smitten with all of her daring, colorful outfits, her impeccable sense of color and cut composure and the presentation only she can wear in such a way.

Image Parisian Style 04

However, Bradshaw’s Paris life with Petrowsky gave as a whole different insight into her style – the rich material, the texture, the barrette, the glove, the clutch bag… she definitely knew what she was doing. Still, on Bradshaw, no matter how wonderful it looked, it felt a bit forced. Comparing to the inborn chic of French girl, anything that appears rehearsed or so thoughtfully put together to imitate a particular style, seems a bit off. That’s why we prefer the NY Bradshaw but adore all the French girls of today – their style is a perfect combination of Coco and Bridgette – the minimal makeup, casual hair, simple outfits and the ease and chic they carry themselves with. Wonderful!

I Love My Neck in Off the Shoulder Sweaters

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style

There’s rarely as fabulous an occasion as one’s birthday! And honestly, what’s as gorgeous as paying tributes to the day you’ve graced this world with your presence, leaving an impact that will count for years and years to come! Ok, you don’t have to be Steve Jobs to become and stay memorable, and birthdays are just the occasion to prove it.
birthday style 01

Birthday celebrations are perfect times for all the friends and family (at least those members you actually like!) to gather and celebrate the big date together. There’s always so much happiness, love, amazing food, wonderful outfits, fantastic birthday images and great music. And the truth is – almost anything you wish for can be accomplished with just a little bit of smart planning and a great idea to begin with!

Depending on your personal style, there are several ways to celebrate your big day. We’re listing some of our favorite ideas you may want to consider and eventually – go with.


Go big or go home

Well, home it is! For all of you who prefer a homier atmosphere, throwing a birthday bash in your own home is perfect. From a fancy dinner with catering services and wonderful decorations to a super chill DJ-led bash, home celebrations make for a super intimate but at the same time super adorable celebrations that will warm your heart!
birthday style 02

Splurge on the decorations and make it a theme party. For instance, why not make it a pajama party with pillows thrown all around the place and everyone dressed as if they came for a sleepover! Too cute!


Rooftop celebration

This is probably the most fabulous way to celebrate your birthday! Your rooftop is not only spacious but it’s a wonderful arena for throwing a spectacular and very personalized birthday party! Hanging lanterns in various colors, setting up a bar with all of your (and your friends’) favorite drinks, hiring a DJ (or even asking one of your talented friends to DJ for you as their birthday gift) and partying till dawn will make for an unforgettable experience!

birthday style 03

If you want to make it extra fabulous, send out invitations with a dress code. As a birthday girl, you have the right to look the best ever, so show up wearing a tight black number with glittery high heels and some statement jewelry. You can opt for a sequence dress as well, depending on your personal style.


A trendy restaurant

If you don’t feel a big bash is up your alley, you may as well opt for something more tuned down as a fancy dinner in a trendy restaurant. It doesn’t even need to be trendy – it should be your favorite one, so that you can fully enjoy yourself. Also, we’d recommend going somewhere safe so you don’t end up with the food you don’t like, a bill as high as your college loan and a service you are not as satisfied with. Book a table up to 15 days in advance and send out invitations in a timely manner.

To surprise your guests, pull an image transformation on them – sport a new haircut, show up wearing a tight dress instead of a baggy outfit you usually wear, change up your makeup style or do something crazy you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the guts to – a piercing, a tattoo… anything!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What you need to remember though is – whatever plan you end up with, or whichever type of celebration you go for, the most important thing of all is to feel wonderful about your big day and absolutely happy about everything you’ve achieved so far. Birthdays are great occasions to reflect, decompress and make new plans for the years to come. Remember, you are amazing – on this birthday, and always!

Latest Fashion Trends For Fall/Winter




While we are all silently mourning for the warmth of summer, there is something ever-so-beautiful in the colors and vibes of fall and winter. Unequivocally different from their cousins Spring and Summer, both Fall and Winter always find a way to warm our hearts even though basing their pallets on variants of the same colors. However, where the excitement of color fails to surprise, the always evolving cuts and styles of the season never fail to leave us stunned. Additionally, all the exciting accessories followed by experimenting with new materials, bringing back the forgotten and mixing and combining different cultural influences to create a homogeneous trend inject these two seasons with suspense, thrill and ultimately, well – love.

Out of all the hot trends for the upcoming season we give you those we believe matter:

Oversize love never fails




You can’t really say you are surprised to see the oversize as suggestion for the cold season. However, what’s different and fresh about it is that this time around designers like Louis Vuitton and Stella McCartney have gone maxi with their cozy and chic designs and made them thick enough to fight off that next polar tornado. While we are generally used to toned down colors for the season, this fall and winter bring about an array of colors like orange, purple, green and gray. Why not!

Boho’s Back and it’s gone ethnic!



Boho’s been in for quite some time now and it’s probably not going anywhere anytime soon. Good, since we love it! However, this season, boho vibe has gone more folksy than glam rock; also, we witness a total texture overload and splashes of patchwork knits. Arguably. the key piece may as well be the poncho, but it’s evident that Indian fashion trends had a great impact on this season’s boho twist. Indian sarees cuts have found their way into boho style making their appearance official through layering of exotic patterns that weren’t as practiced till now.

As all that comes from India is super sensual by default, so the presence of (extreme and bold) jewelry is not at all surprising.  Further, statement necklaces, chandelier earrings  and FKA Twigs-style nose rings are in with the boho, too!

Code red never fails




There is no doubt that red is the stand-out color trend for the upcoming season. Looking closely, you’ll notice that designers from Dior to Marni, Fendi to Ferragamo have worked it in head-to-toe forms, and we’re loving every single moment of it!

Bold moves and graphic patterns



Nothing says bold and awesome like a graphic print swirled across the entire collection, the case being with Loewe, Pucci, Dior and many others. The optical illusions of these patterns got us spinning but in an entirely good way. Combining some retro color blocking with a graphic pattern will make you the queen of this season. Don’t overdo it, though!

Geeks be geeks 




The geeky look will apparently never go out of style. It’s interesting how stylish it may look with just a little bit of creative intervention, as shown by Gucci. Tommy Hilfiger also stunned with his approach to the trend, emphasizing the professeur chic vibe. Seemingly, you don’t need a particular season to channel your inner geeky – the trend is seasonless!

The Future is back and it’s staying


Style Spotlight: Graphic Print from Head to Toe

Graphic Collage 01

Wild, rich, eclectic, somewhat psychedelic prints will be a total fashion sensation this fall, too. If you want to be trendy, it is important to understand the rule that completely different patterns do mix well. Plaid, stripes and pepito can be combined without any fear that you will be labeled as a fashion faux. If you are not mesmerized by geometry, you can wear floral or flowy colorful prints – everything that resembles a painting on a piece of clothing is advisable.


Animal Print

The golden rule with this pattern is to only use one style of animal print. Never combine leopard with zebra or giraffe with snake skin. When it comes to this print, one animal skin should be enough, but that doesn’t mean that no other types of patterns are allowed. You can also combine this with some interesting accessories to achieve an edgy look.


You can combine garments with printed stripes that go in different directions and the more colors there are, the better. Try to mix black and white stripes with mustard, red, yellow, green and purple colors and be amazed by the effect. Also, matching stripes and polka dots has become an increasingly popular fashion trend.


Graphic Collage 02


Of course that you can match flowers with flowers! The trick with these patterns is not to use the same color of the print. Try combining contrasting colors like yellow and purple or fuchsia and green. It is very fashionable to match floral prints in skirts and jackets, or jackets and shoes.

What to do

The first step you can take without risking too much is to combine various patterns in your outfit, but by staying within a range of complimentary colors. Choose a main garment such as a flowered skirt or a leopard print blouse or jacket and use it as a starting point



Mix polka dot prints, flowers or stripes, and if you want to achieve an elegant look, use a combination of black and white and add a touch of fun with accessories and shoes of an interesting bold color. This is especially recommended in the men’s fashion world, where plaid suits need not strictly be combined with one-color custom dress shirts. Keep in mind that nothing prevents you from combining even three different prints – just opt for something basic, a black blouse or something simple that can tone down your prints. If you are still afraid to try this, start by playing with different types of textures in your clothes.


Graphic Collage 03


Wearing printed clothing is a great option to look fabulous and be noticed. Of course, you have to be careful with prints that you choose, but still, this trend is very easy to achieve. The best part is that once you understand how it works it becomes a lot of fun and it is definitely a way that can help you create your own style. It is understandable that many people may be thinking it is very risky to pull these combinations off, but you shouldn’t shy away from them.

Ki Bagay Sa: Victor Cruz’s Fiancee Elaina Letting These Side Chicks Know What’s Up


This morning, my Facebook newsfeed was floured with Giant’s wide receive Victor Cruz’s fiancee Eliana. It was the news about Victor Cruz’s cheating ways. Eliana was bold enough to let these side chicks know what’s up. Honestly, Eliana, you’ve been a fiancées more than a year. You should have left his cheat ass long ass time ago.  It’s time for you leave and go find your self-eestem. Eliana should have been a wife long time. Hey! She is riding out the whole “Ride or Die” Chick the NFL edition.

While I was reading the text messages from major media sources such Media take out, People Magazine, etc. I was not surprised at all but she should have left him regardless. Why would you want to be with someone who cheats on you multiply times? Come on now!?cruztext2jpg-a2655fc5e457e4db


This  is tex message was taken off from the urban gossip website called Media Take Out. com. By the look of this text message to all the side chicks who have been fucking around with Victor. Yeah….It’s time for her to end the relationship with him. If she want to stick around collect the checks that’s fine by me. Honestly, She has lost her damn mind being a “finacee” for a very long time.

My reaction to this Fuckery


Bevel Creator Raises $24 Mil With Celebrity Investors



Walker & Company Brands, the company that brought you Bevel razor designed to eliminate razor burns in coarser hair, has a few new very recognizable investors. TristanWalker, the brands’ creator, has managed to acquire big name celebrities to back his brand and future creations.

The company that caters to the beauty and health needs of African Americans has now raised $24 millions dollars with the help of Magic Johnson, John Legend as well as Nas and even a deal with Target to sell his shaving products.

So Walker’s taken on investment from a slew of new investors, raising $24 million in a Series B round led by Institutional Venture Partners and a handful of other firms including Andreessen Horowitz, where Walker served as entrepreneur-in-residence, Google Ventures, Felicis Ventures and individuals like Johnson, Legend, basketball players Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes and San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York. The money will go straight to research and development and hiring, Walker says.
“What investors see and we see is a company with a suite of brands that solve health and beauty needs. That could be 20 or 50,” says Walker. “We’re making health and beauty simple for all people of color.” –Source 

This is great news for the African American beauty market which is noticeably scarce compared to its counterparts. In the future Walker plans to cater more to women…who just so happen to spend way more on beauty products than men.

Sunday’s Jam: Jep Roadie – “Let’s Find Heaven”


Let's Find Heaven Artwork
“Last week, I fainted due to the high blood pressure pill I was taking. Not to mention the panic attack that I was having. At that moment, I realized how quick everything can disappear. Everything faded to black, just as fast as I could say “Dad, I am going to pass out”. Sh*t was scary. Having anxiety makes that situation even worse. Everyday since, every minute, I have been just awaiting that feeling. I have been expecting to faint, I have been terrified that I am going to. I haven’t. Since then, I recorded this song. Basically, for my own comfort. Granted, I know there are millions of people going through something way worse and I pray for them everyday.  Sometimes it is just good to know that God will see you through it. I will tell you this. Ever since that moment, I have been awakened. I have learned to become unafraid. Accepting the inevitable, if you will. I have learned who I really am, I think.  Your mind is a powerful thing. Use it the way God intended. This song is about finding the light when all you see is darkness.

-Jep Roadie

What We Learned From New York Fashion Week



Fashion week in the Big Apple is coming to a close, and soon all the big names in the industry will head to London for the next round of shows. Even though we’re only a week into fashion month, we’ve already learned what the big trends are expected to be for the upcoming season.

They’re pretty simple to sum up too. Here’s what you need to know: The ’70s are back, and the fashion is better than ever.

For starters, designers are going crazy for suede. Styles like those seen on The Fashion Tag were all over the runways in the last week. The fabric was used for everything from boots and hats to skirts and pants. And of course, there was no shortage of suede jackets. Better still, many designers brought back fringe too, creating suede and tassel-adorned pieces that would make old-school country singers green with envy.



shirt dress


Casual, button down and relaxed wrap dresses were also very popular. Wall Street Journal contributor Christina Binkley said that the new wrap dress designs were flattering and feminine, yet comfortable. They’re perfect “for women who want to run, and then curl up on the couch in their clothes.”


shirt dress1

But the biggest trend that hit the runways this season, by far, is the resurgence of flare jeans. Challenging skinny jeans, which is the denim that’s dominated the market for the last decade, flare jeans are quickly picking up steam in the fashion world. High-waisted varieties were popular in classic blue in addition to black, striped, and leather designs. Daily Mail even caught Kate Upton rocking a pair of tall white flares with a simple, sleeveless black top when she attended one of the shows earlier in the week—proving that you can wear white after Labor Day and still look amazing.



flare jeans


Lyst covered many of the different styles throughout the week, including some of the more obscure trends like skirts over pants and metallic platform sneakers in gold and silver. Even though some are a little unusual, the good news is that the majority of looks presented so far seem as though they would fit all different shapes and sizes. So don’t be scared to give them a go for yourself. Chances are you can easily sport a look right off the runway and look fabulous doing so.

The cool weather is coming fast, so get your hands on some of these retro trends while you still can!