Hourglass Body Guide: Steal Kim Kardashian Look

We are sure that there are no people in the civilized world who don’t know about Kim Kardashian’s impeccable hourglass figure. She knows that skinny is so-last-season, which is why she is so proud of her curves. Many women would die to have at least her tiny waist, and if you are wondering how to achieve that, too – stay with us.

Image Kim Body 01

Here are some tips on how to steal Kim’s stunning look.

Curves on Fleek

Kim indeed has a flawless figure that, and even though many people think that it is too much to handle, she is definitely proud of her impeccable curves. And she certainly should be! Hourglass physique has always been reserved for the A-list stars, and it is a major symbol of femininity nowadays.

Image Kim Body 02

Starting from old-school Hollywood icons, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, and up to today’s famous ladies such as Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim – we can conclude that curves are truly timeless. These divas really show us that size zero comes and goes, but a gorgeous hourglass figure that features super tiny waist and stunning booty stays.

Perfect Personal Style

Kim’s personal style evolved over years, and her husband, Kanye West, definitely had a major role in that process. He pushed her limits when it comes to style which became much more recognizable, first of all when talking about the colours. Some of the typical ones, besides black, white, and grey, are actually nudes such as beige and pale pink. Olive green and brown are also among her favourites, and these earthy tones particularly emphasize her flawless skin complexion.

Image Kim Body 03

When it comes to clothes – the tighter the better! Kim adores crop tops in combo with high waist pencil skirts that follows her body line. Such a combination compliments her curves in the best possible way. Tightly fitted dresses are also her cup of tea, and she was wearing them even she was pregnant with North and Saint. Besides that, she loves floor length coats in some of the aforementioned colours, especially when paired up with strappy sandals.

Train It Until You Make It

Even though many of the celebs nowadays turn to their plastic surgeons to make them booty from heaven, Kim Kardashian is definitely not one of them – and she took an X-ray to prove it. As she claims, she is blessed with the perfect curvy body, and silicone is not her thing.

However, rumour has it that she has injected fat from her waist and stomach into the bums. Well, if this is true, it’s basically killing two birds with one stone. A thinner waist is one of the best ways to accentuate the curviness of the whole body – but Kim certainly has an ace upon her sleeve. She is very fond of corset and body shaper that help her curves stay fabulous.

Image Kim Body 04

Besides those, she loves waist trainers, as well as numerous famous ladies who cannot imagine one workout session without this garment. It sucks in the stomach and shapes the waist in the best possible way, which largely contributes to the overall hourglass look. Kim even posted several selfies that feature this shaper, which shows us that it is inevitable part of her life. It indeed does wonders.

The hourglass body shape has never been so much in the limelight before Kim Kardashian. Even though many famous ladies were advocates to this look before her, Kim definitely popularized such a look and made millions of dollars out of it. It’s up to you whether you’ll like it or not – but she is definitely one of a kind, no matter what.

50 Shades Of Kylie Jenner’s Beauty

Move over, Kim Kardashian – we all know who the real deal is these days!

The once ugly duckling of the family (nobody talked about it, we all were thinking it), is now the hottest of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters and definitely the best beauty chameleon we’ve ever seen. Each new appearance is a new bedazzle on all of us, as once freckle-faced and now lip plumped Kyle never fails to surprise us!

Anyway, what we are all still in shock about is that Kylie has made such a huge leap from a regular, somewhat uglish girl to a trendsetter of such dimension. The lip, the hair, the color, the style – she’s got it all, and she is doing it perfectly!

Whoever’s been keeping up with the Kardashians, they know that little Kylie’s been getting so comfortable with her role of a Diva, that even big sister Kim had to intervene and call her out on it. Kim, were you really having her professional interest at heart or were you just jelly, knowing she’s been taking all the glory? Whichever it is, Kylie’s fashion sense is always on point and she’s been setting trends for a reason.

kylie jenner

The obsession with Kylie started a few months prior to her lip fillers as she’s shown an exquisite fashion sense and a somewhat edgy attitude we weren’t accustomed to getting from the sweet and leopard-wrapped Kardashian babes. Unlike her big sisters, Kylie has expressed a perfect combination of a California-like sultry tease and a New York inspired chic from the get go; her sisters, who are now looking exceptional and are rightfully regarded as trend-setters, have had their fair share of fashion failures in the past, while Kylie hasn’t missed the target once! Lips or no lips, diva or no diva – that’s why we so passionately trust her. The sensual pout did help, though.

After the infamous speculation of 2015 that revolved around Kylie’s once thin lips (we all know that the drama even led to Kylie Jenner Challenge that bruised God-knows-how-many-teens in attempt to get that Kylie perfect pout), and all the lies that had the word “contouring” trending, we’ve finally got a confession out of her and lip fillers as her truth came into light. Surprisingly, Kylie was never judged for it, but rather cheered on for having the guts to do it. Seems like the Jenners will never be booed off the stage, no matter what surgery they undertake (Yes, I am referring to Caitlyn Jenner).

Anyhow, the pout totally transformed Kylie’s face and suddenly we had a gorgeous young woman in front of us – not just someone whose makeup ideas we wanted to copy, but someone we actually gasped over.

After the lips, came the lashes, the brows, the thinner nose, the boobs, the jiggly butt… and it wasn’t long before everyone started speculating about her potential surgeries. While it’s more than obvious that her face didn’t undergo the lip thing only, we can’t really put our finger on it – was it the brow lift? The eyelids? No idea! She is claiming it’s all about the contouring which she’s mastered given she’s grown up surrounded with the best beauty people in the business. It doesn’t hurt her makeup and beauty routine round up at around 3, 000$, either. Btw, how much are you loving the fact Kylie’s introduced mauve and nude, and retro colors to our lip faves? We adore it!

kylie jenner

As for the breasts which are, on occasions, insanely big for the size we know she is, she claims no surgery was involved and swears on breast tape and Victoria Secret bombshell bra. Well, whatever it is – the ample cleavage is there, that’s for sure!

Speaking of breasts, her nipple piercing is the new trend focus, but we’ve already learned that she’ll always find something to do to keep us wondering! FYI, while Kendall’s nipple piercing was also noticed, the one-year-older sister claims she’d done it first and that Kylie copied her. We much doubt it, but hey – we’ve witnessed the snow in May a few times, too!

Do you remember the times when we were thinking “Oh, poor Kylie, she’s the only one to have taken after Bruce”? Sure you do! Who knew we’d be now watching for every little thing she does, hoping to copy it the best we possibly can… ah, pure unfairness.

New Year , New Funk! The Groovalottos is Bringing The New Year Flava


TG 3 On Main St


Happy New Year Folks! Let’s start the year right with The GroovaLottos are a powerhouse soul-funk-blues trio that packs dance floors. Comprised of award-winning, seasoned touring and studio session musicians: Eddie Ray Johnson, drums and vocals; Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor, keyboards and vocals; and Melvin “MEL” Coombs, Jr., on bass.

To some, the band is simply a high energy, funky band that makes you want to dance or at the very least bob your head and sit back, feeling cool just by being in the audience. For the band and a growing number of fans, The GroovaLottos are on a spiritual mission to unlock the spirit and the soul through the music of the ancestors. Said to play with their souls instead of their hands, and heralding from Cherokee, Choctaw and Wampanoag communities, they are also known as the ‘Soul-Funk Song Keepers of Native America.”

As a fan of The GroovaLottos, They are bringing back that classic Funk-Soul-Blues style. Although I’m a big fan of soul and blues, They made a big impact for indie individuals  including myself who appreciate “real” good music. It really opens the eyes of the next generation that would make a huge influence to future artists.
As The GroovaLottos finish their album, “Ask Yo’ Mama”, they give us a glimpse of indie funk flavor with their debut single, “Do You Mind…? (The Phunk)”, an infectious little party tune with a built in line dance called “The Phunk”.  The story behind the song is set in a bar gig where a group of couples walked in. The men went to watch the game at the bar and the women took to the dance floor. One woman started dancing and gyrating close to the band until her husband bolted out onto the dance floor, placing himself between her and the band. The band had been playing a funky groove with no words, until Mwalim looked the husband in the eye and began to sing his favorite line from the movie, “Animal House”, “Do You Mind If We Dance With Yo’ Dates?” When he got home from the gig, Mwalim had finished the lyrics and they went into the studio to lay it down the next week.



Celebrities Who Enjoy Thrift Shopping

When we think of some of our favorite celebrities shopping, we imagine them in some prestige boutiques, with stylists and store workers running around and bringing them the most expensive pieces. Things are not always as they seem, though.

Image Thrift Shopping 01

Many of the A-listers do not believe that they should constantly spend a lot of money on clothes. They are confident enough in their taste and they do not need a fancy shopping bag with a famous name on it. They can find pieces which are just as fine in thrift stores, too.

So, if you think thrift shopping is just for the poor, you could not be more wrong. Here are some celebs to prove this.


Kylie Minogue

The beautiful singer said that thrift shopping is actually one of her favorite activities. And guess what? She started doing that “before it was cool”, buying and wearing vintage clothes from second hand shops. In fact, the unforgettable gold hot shorts she wore in her video for the song “Spinning around” (2000) was bought in a thrift store for 50 pounds (75 dollars).

Image Kylie Minogue

And that is not the only time this pop star filled her bags with thrifty bargains. She was seen several times in Melbourne’s second hand shops.


Zooey Deschanel

It is quite obvious that such a quirky and adorable girl as Zooey Deschanel cannot find many things that suit her in conventional boutiques or among some designer pieces. She wants more, she wants different and she wants unique.

Image Zooey Deschanel

The multitalented artist searches for those pieces in thrift stores, secondhand shops and even flea markets. The “new girl” has its place in the Forbes’s highest paid celebs list (#96) and it seems that she could buy a boutique if she wanted to, but why do that when browsing through piles of clothes and searching for undiscovered gems is much more fun?


Julia Roberts

The “Pretty woman” at one point of her career made $15 million a movie, but that did not stop her to be a real bargain hunter for clothes. The amazing vintage Valentino gown she wore at the 73rd Academy Awards in 2001 was voted the third most iconic red carpet dress of all time, and it was a dress from Valentino’s archives from 1992.

Image Julia Roberts

She is also buying “gently used” clothes for her kids, because she wants to teach them to recognize true quality and the joys of a bargain hunt. If you want to try shopping for similar items for your kids click here and make Julia proud.



The rapper loves thrift shopping so much that he dedicated a song to it – “Thrift shop”. The song was such a hit on the charts that there is no need for Macklemore to purchase his clothes in a thrift shop ever again.

Image Macklemore

Still, to this day, the star’s wardrobe mostly comes from various secondhand shops. The rapper sad that thrift shopping was his way of acquiring clothes since he was a child, and that he loves it because it is “outside the box”.

Many other celebs, such as Lorde, Drew Barrymore and Alice Cooper, enjoy shopping in thrift stores because they believe that one-of-a-kind pieces can be found there.


Celeb-Worthy Tips for Flawless Skin

Have you ever watched reports from all the glamorous red carpet events and dreamed of achieving such dashing looks? What if you don’t need a full team of hairdressers, stylists or makeup artist to glow in every occasion?

Image Celeb Tips 01

In order to look like a celebrity you need to treat yourself like a celebrity and provide your body and skin with the best possible care. Here are some useful tips and tricks for daily skincare from our favorite stars.


Diet & Exercising


Starting from the inside out, we need to understand what keeps our body in motion. As the saying goes ‘’you are what you eat’’ the first thing to do would be to focus on a smart diet that is full of valuable antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, selenium and the good fats like Omega 3 fatty-acids. These nutrient are the key to a youthful and nourished skin, especially during the harsh winter weather.

Image Celeb Tips 02

In addition to the diet plan, exercising is equally important as it helps speed the metabolic process and pump the blood flow. This way, your body releases harmful toxins through sweat, the fat stored in the form of cellulite is starting to break and your skin gets ‘fresh blood’ from the improved circulation.

Star talk: Whether she is playing the mesmerizing Catwoman or desperate Fantine, Anne Hathaway’ skin radiates in all roles. ‘’I drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day and exercise three times a week.’’ So, don’t be afraid to break a sweat, girls!


Morning rituals


Being under a constant eye of the radar and exposed to close-up shots, celebrities take great care of how they treat their skin on a daily basis. The best way to start the morning is to clean away all the dead skin cells that have accumulated during sleep and unclog pores with a face scrub. Since most commercial skincare products tend to have ingredients which can cause irritation and counter-effects in the long run, organic face masks and beauty products are a safer and healthier choice.

Image Celeb Tips 03

Star talk: Another Catwoman, the Bond girl of irresistible beauty, Halle Berry, says that, above all, cleansing your face at least twice a day – as well as moisturizing – is essential for a natural glow. Berry also says to use fruit acid cleaning solutions to exfoliate and get rid of dead cells that can dull your skin’s appearance.




You should treat makeup hygiene the same way you treat your facial hygiene. If you use makeup every day, make sure to clean your brushes and sponges regularly with warm water, baby oil or mild soap. Allow your skin to breathe by allowing it to rest from heavy makeup at least once a week, especially if you wear it more than 5 hours a day. In any case, do not forget to take off your makeup with a gentle oil remover before going to bed.

Also, if you are spending most of your days outside, a SPF moisturizer or protective sun cream is a must-have, just ask the sweet vampire Ashley Green.

Image Celeb Tips 04

Star talk: In an interview with “Elle” magazine, Beyoncé shared her secret for achieving the mesmerizing shine her skin has, “I layer on bronzers for public appearances.” Besides making you look sexy with that golden brown shade, bronzing your skin can also even out unequal skin pigmentation, conceal blemishes and spider veins and temporarily mask cellulite leading to a more toned appearance.


New treatments


According to DocShop, microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that uses a spray of microcrystals to remove the outermost layer of dry, dead skin cells and reveal a younger, healthier-looking skin. This makes the skin radiant and ready for all the nourishing creams since its surface has more absorption power.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell and Sienna Miller are advocates of this treatment. “Microdermabrasion is a miracle,” says the glowing and flawless Gwyneth Paltrow. “I use it once a week to maintain a smooth, bright complexion.”


Embrace The Holiday Spirit By Spreading Happiness

Picture 1

Written by Zoe Clark

If you know how to enjoy life, this is the time to do it. For a workaholic that I admittedly am (or was) not keeping myself busy used to mess up my mood big time. And there was nothing that could pull me away from my projects, not even on Christmas Eve; It was impossible. Unfortunately, this cost me a very important relationship in my life. Which is a wakeup call for me.

Then I took a good look at myself and once I’ve realized I dedicate too much of my time to work. I’ve decided that it’s time for a change! Now, I enjoy every second of it. Every day, I get to spend with the people that  I love the most.


picture 2


Absolutely, make sure there’s  plenty of time where I used to be more less sufficient  (or maybe a little less co-co). I am putting together a guide that will definitely help you to relax, forget about work ,and get into the holiday spirit! It’s what’s helps me and it will hopefully help you, too.


Extend your deadlines

If you are obsessed with work, the thought of extending a deadline is very dreadful. However, remember that even God rested on a Sunday; to succeed, you need to rest and recharge from time to time so you can emerge as an even better professional. Give yourself a few days off of work and spend it with your favorite people in your life. You don’t even have to do anything – just sitting together, feeling the presence of all that love will make you feel blessed for what you have. The holiday spirit should be more present than ever.


picture 3


Book a holiday

No novelty here, but going away for a few days will make all the difference. Bring along your best friend, your mum, partner, your grandmum, anyone you want to spend days with. If possible, organize a family trip that will unite you all – going away together will bond you even more!


 Take up a new “Christmassy” hobby

Use this holiday season to learn something totally weird like knitting or embroidery needlework! Have your Nana give you lessons as she is surely the master of this craft. I mean, if Taylor Swift can do it, so can you! Even style icon Kate Moss made a business out of it, so it can’t be that bad. Have fun knitting yourself a sweater, and then rock it at Christmas day, no matter how ugly it turns out. You’ll be the talk of the day! Oh, just make sure you buy some quality yarn online for your knitting adventure – you don’t want the piece falling apart the moment you put it on. If it turns out you’ve got a neck for it, knit one for your best friend – gifts with sentimental value are the best!


picture 4

Make decorating your house an annual thing

No matter how small a particular “adventure” is, when done with people we adore – it’s everything. Enjoy the holiday time by decorating the entire house with your nieces and nephews, your younger brothers/sisters and your favorite auntie. You may even make it more fun – split in groups and pull tasks out of a huge Santa cap – some of you will bake cookies, some decorate, others go shopping for groceries needed for the Christmas feast and some will set the table. Don’t forget to leave a spot for Santa! End the day all cosied up, with a fun game of charades.

Watch a Christmas movie marathon

A Christmas is no Christmas if you haven’t spent a day (or several days!) in your pajamas, with your phone on silent, some amazing food on your plate watching Christmas movies like “Home Alone,” “Elf”, “Love Actually” and “The Santa”. You must!


picture 5


Volunteer at a local homeless centre/kitchen

There’s nothing as noble as helping out those less fortunate. Volunteer at a homeless shelter and if your budget allows it even donate some money. Go alone or with someone you love, this is the experience you’ll never forget.

My dear loves, enjoy this wonderful time of year, celebrate Christmas with your loved ones, enjoy the amazing food and above everything – appreciate all of your blessings!

Iggy Azalea Beauty Secrets

She is a 25-year-old Aussie bombshell, the Black Widow rapper, one and only Iggy Azalea. Widely known for her whimsical fashion sense, and impeccable look, Amethyst Amelia Kelly had no problem to go under a knife a few times, and improve the gorgeous appeal she already owns. The secrets to her flawless beauty are numerous, and I am more than happy to share them with you.

Make-up Routine

iggy azalea makeup

Iggy has made an eyeliner her signature make-up product. The hot princess of rap wears a red lipstick like no other celebrity. Her make-up routine includes using a foundation which is applied with a face brush. Afterwards she seals it with a compact powder. Contouring and highlighting is unavoidable, alongside blush that she applies on the top of her cheekbones. Later, the eyebrows are filled with brow pencil in a slightly lighter shade than her eyebrows are. Eyeshadow and eyeliner are essential part of her look, same as mascara, or sometimes false eyelashes, for more dramatic look. The finishing touch is achieved with the hot red matte lipstick.

The Girl with the Style

iggy azalea style

Iggy Azalea’s style is nothing if not outrageous and eccentric. Crop tops, bold prints, radiant colors, and essential bling describe her fashion choices perfectly. Whether we talk about a red carpet or a video outfit, she owns it both ways. This attractive young blondie’s style is definitely bold. She looked absolutely amazing in a white crop-top and a blue floral skirt, on 28th Kid’s Choice Awards. Prints and patterns are her favorite red carpet marks, so she also picked out a pair of mixed-print leggings and matched them with a black see-through top and sleeveless black jacket. 2015 Billboard Music Awards red carpet was the opportunity Iggy used to match a pastel-blue crop-top with a pastel-blue and nude mini skirt with swirly accents. Magenta satin pumps complemented the whole outfit.


iggy azalea hairstyles

The gorgeous Aussie is always bold with her hairstyles, and it is the part of her look that makes her stand out even more. Hot pink dip-dyed ends on her blond hair could not look that good on anyone like on Azalea. A full on crimped looked absolutely fabulous in “Pretty Girls” video. The most common hairstyle she chooses is loose straight hair and often slicked back. High ponytail looks super retro on her, and it is another hairstyle she wears a lot. The most commented and debated hairdo off all was her braided updo she had at the Grammy’s 2015. Some said it looked like a crown, a bowl and even like a bird’s nest, but actually, it was the biggest fashion statement of hers. It looked absolutely stunning.

Plastic Surgery
iggy azalea plastic surgery

Not everything on this controversial singer is natural. Furthermore, Iggy has had a several procedures, involving breast augmentation, chin implants and rhinoplasty procedure. She is one of the rare celebrities to openly say they have had plastic surgery, and we say go for it Iggy. As she stated, there is a lot pressure to look beautiful when you are in the music industry. Therefore, there is no reason anyone should deny they had some intervention, as she mentioned. However, she advises not to rush into having a surgery if a person is unsatisfied with their appearance. Everything should be well thought through. Finally, she is all for plastic surgery, especially if it will help them boost their self-esteem.


Amazing, controversial, flawless, and fabulous, this 25-year-old Aussie never ceases to amaze us. She is only at the beginning of her carrier and we have seen so much innovation from her side, it is unbelievable. With her boldness, eccentric fashion style, and unorthodox music, one thing is for sure, this blonde rapper is in for a long successful ride down the music industry business. We cannot wait to see what new fashion, make-up, and hair trends Iggy Azalea is going to introduce us to. If anyone is going to flabbergast us, it is definitely her.

Oh la la c’est chic! – The streets of Paris and all that inspiration

Europe has always been the cradle of everything that’s worthy, timeless and spectacular, setting grounds for all other things to come – from stunning architecture, culture, history, food, folklore and music to fashion – Europe with its trends is a never-ending inspiration for everyone of refined taste and style. As it turns out, almost all that happened in Europe fashion throughout last several decades is now recycled with a twist, set to dominate both the American and Europe market, with the idea of bringing back the diva-chic we all used to adore.

Breaking down Paris fashion and going back to the 1960s and 1970s, it’s evident that no other than Brigitte Bardot set the standard for top-notch style that women around the world tried to copy. Her commitment to simplicity, with buttoned-up pantsuits, perfect bikinis and floppy hats and simple dresses with shockingly short hemlines definitely made a striking difference in terms of fashion trends that were about to develop.

Image Parisian style

Unlike Elizabeth Taylor or Marlene Dietrich who preferred the low-cut tops and shorter-than-short skirts, Bardot didn’t need to dress with the pomp and circumstance. And her sex appeal was almost palpable even when she wore a simple T-shirt and jean, or a fully covered-up skirt suit. Amazing! The fashion icon owned flats as part of her personal style, turning them into a fashion must-have. And as for the hat, well – Bardot knew a great hat will dress up anything from a bathing suit to a pantsuit!

It wasn’t only the blonde bombshell who made a quest for style timeless; our favorite brunette Coco Chanel made an incredible difference to what is considered women fashion, and she is still present in every little black dress out there. She designed after her own likes, sticking to simplicity, elegance and comfort as the key elements of anything stylish.

Image Parisian Style 02

Black and white as well as nautical were colors and shades she loved, as they are simply enough with enough of a statement.  Coco’s outfits featured large and plentiful faux pearl necklaces and hats were staples of her accessorize. And, most importantly – she was always focused on style, not trends. As you know, Chanel has been credited as the ‘inventor’ of this wardrobe staple in 1926 and we love her for it! Ooh, and – just as Bardot, she loved the stitched ballet flats! Maybe we should all travel to France on one of those great France holiday packages to observe and learn how to dress and what (not) to do to achieve that flawless Parisian look… ah!

Image Parisian Style 03

Our favorite fashion icon of today – Mrs. Sarah Jessica Parker who grabbed the spotlight of trend-setting owing to her iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”- evidently looks up to the above mentioned beauties. While both Parker and Bradshaw aren’t fans of a ballet flat, they are of impeccable style. We are absolutely smitten with all of her daring, colorful outfits, her impeccable sense of color and cut composure and the presentation only she can wear in such a way.

Image Parisian Style 04

However, Bradshaw’s Paris life with Petrowsky gave as a whole different insight into her style – the rich material, the texture, the barrette, the glove, the clutch bag… she definitely knew what she was doing. Still, on Bradshaw, no matter how wonderful it looked, it felt a bit forced. Comparing to the inborn chic of French girl, anything that appears rehearsed or so thoughtfully put together to imitate a particular style, seems a bit off. That’s why we prefer the NY Bradshaw but adore all the French girls of today – their style is a perfect combination of Coco and Bridgette – the minimal makeup, casual hair, simple outfits and the ease and chic they carry themselves with. Wonderful!

I Love My Neck in Off the Shoulder Sweaters

Celebrate Your Birthday in Style

There’s rarely as fabulous an occasion as one’s birthday! And honestly, what’s as gorgeous as paying tributes to the day you’ve graced this world with your presence, leaving an impact that will count for years and years to come! Ok, you don’t have to be Steve Jobs to become and stay memorable, and birthdays are just the occasion to prove it.
birthday style 01

Birthday celebrations are perfect times for all the friends and family (at least those members you actually like!) to gather and celebrate the big date together. There’s always so much happiness, love, amazing food, wonderful outfits, fantastic birthday images and great music. And the truth is – almost anything you wish for can be accomplished with just a little bit of smart planning and a great idea to begin with!

Depending on your personal style, there are several ways to celebrate your big day. We’re listing some of our favorite ideas you may want to consider and eventually – go with.


Go big or go home

Well, home it is! For all of you who prefer a homier atmosphere, throwing a birthday bash in your own home is perfect. From a fancy dinner with catering services and wonderful decorations to a super chill DJ-led bash, home celebrations make for a super intimate but at the same time super adorable celebrations that will warm your heart!
birthday style 02

Splurge on the decorations and make it a theme party. For instance, why not make it a pajama party with pillows thrown all around the place and everyone dressed as if they came for a sleepover! Too cute!


Rooftop celebration

This is probably the most fabulous way to celebrate your birthday! Your rooftop is not only spacious but it’s a wonderful arena for throwing a spectacular and very personalized birthday party! Hanging lanterns in various colors, setting up a bar with all of your (and your friends’) favorite drinks, hiring a DJ (or even asking one of your talented friends to DJ for you as their birthday gift) and partying till dawn will make for an unforgettable experience!

birthday style 03

If you want to make it extra fabulous, send out invitations with a dress code. As a birthday girl, you have the right to look the best ever, so show up wearing a tight black number with glittery high heels and some statement jewelry. You can opt for a sequence dress as well, depending on your personal style.


A trendy restaurant

If you don’t feel a big bash is up your alley, you may as well opt for something more tuned down as a fancy dinner in a trendy restaurant. It doesn’t even need to be trendy – it should be your favorite one, so that you can fully enjoy yourself. Also, we’d recommend going somewhere safe so you don’t end up with the food you don’t like, a bill as high as your college loan and a service you are not as satisfied with. Book a table up to 15 days in advance and send out invitations in a timely manner.

To surprise your guests, pull an image transformation on them – sport a new haircut, show up wearing a tight dress instead of a baggy outfit you usually wear, change up your makeup style or do something crazy you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the guts to – a piercing, a tattoo… anything!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What you need to remember though is – whatever plan you end up with, or whichever type of celebration you go for, the most important thing of all is to feel wonderful about your big day and absolutely happy about everything you’ve achieved so far. Birthdays are great occasions to reflect, decompress and make new plans for the years to come. Remember, you are amazing – on this birthday, and always!